Request for Session Proposals

Seeking engaging speakers to deliver innovative presentations that can share what you are doing that connects to person-centered planning and thinking for the MN Gathering. These can include singular events or activities, initiatives you have participated in, cool amazing things you want to share, planning for success or overcoming challenges… the sky's the limit. Interested individuals are invited to submit proposals outlining their unique approach and expertise in this field.

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 1

Approval of the proposal will be notified by July 12th.



The complete agenda will be released by August 28th, coinciding with the opening of registration on the same day.

Keynote Presenters

Meredith Kujala (in Cloquet)

Meredith is a social worker who initially focused on domestic violence and sexual assault. Given her own disabilities, she has gone on to become a passionate advocate for the disability community. She is Program Coordinator at Advocating Change Together (ACT) and manages Little.NotLess, a nonprofit organization that she founded. She educates and trains individuals with disabilities on self-advocacy, leadership, and the importance of inclusion. She aims to create an accessible community where everyone can work, play, and learn together without feeling "different." “Being person-centered should be common sense. We should all focus on the person first and following their lead toward what they want or need. No one else would know better anyways!” she says.

Meredith Kujala

Lori Jasper (in Mankato)

Lori has supported individuals and families for 40 years. She began in occupational therapy and then specialized in home and community-based services. Lori co-founded a provider agency and led it for 15 years. She received international training in nine planning methods, becoming a Person-centered Thinking Training, Charting the LifeCourse Coach/National Consultant, and a Trauma-informed Supports Trainer. Personal and professional life intersected when her great nephew was diagnosed with multiple disabilities 17 years ago.

Lori Jasper