October 14 & 15

Registration closes today at 5p CST



  • People Planning Together

  • Advocates and Families During COVID 19

  • Identity and Culture

  • PCT in a Virtual World

  • Dementia Support

  • Self-Advocates Leading the Way



Having trouble logging in?

Keep your eye out for emails from "CrowdCompass". This is our platform for the Venue. Be sure you've received a confirmation email when you registered. The email address you use to register is the same one you must use to log in. A 6 digit code will be emailed to that address from CrowdCompass. There may be a lag time depending on users and your internet connect speed. Check spam. For continued issues email mngathering@umn.edu and please describe and even screenshot the issue for resolution.

  1. Login directly at z.umn.edu/gatheringvenue
  2. Download "CrowdCompass Attendee Hub" from Google Play or Apple Store. Search for "2020 Minnesota Gathering"
  3. Log in with the email address you used when you registered
  4. A 6 digit verification code will be emailed to you (note, delays may happen)
  5. Your code is good for 24 hours unless you log out or close your browser window

Check out the tutorial for help on logging in. Virtual Venue Login Tutorial


The Zoom virtual meeting technology will be our platform to connect. Each session in the Virtual Venue agenda will contain a link to the "Zoom Room" located at the top of the session window in a blue box. Click it to enter the room.

We encourage you to set up a Zoom account today and familiarize yourself with the platform. There are super cool features like virtual backgrounds. 

LEARNING MARKETPLACE (Private Video Conferencing Rooms)

Do you have a topic you'd like to talk about and invite others to? Submit your information by emailing mngathering.umn.edu with the following; Topic title, Short Description, Presenter Name, Date and Time and the video meeting link. The link is your Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, etc video conferencing platform of your choice.

Learning Marketplace Tutorial


Be a part of our Virtual Gallery Walk! This year add your virtual-poster to the MN Gathering YouTube page. What is a Gallery Walk? - A Gallery Walk is a visual representation you share at the Gathering of how you and/or your organization are putting your gifts, skills, interests, and dreams into action. Have fun recording with collegues from your organization or individually at your home, walking us through what you have been doing during this time to put your dreams into action. Be creative and be inventive. Record on Zoom, your cell phone or other device, upload to our YouTube page or send to mngathering@umn.edu or Mark Olson at olso4541@umn.edu. Google Drive accepted. An instructional video to help you get started is at Gallery Walk Instrucitonal Video on our YouTube Channel. For questions or help please email us. 

Access The Virtual Venue App & Web Link Minnesota Gathering logo in right corner, shape of Minnesota, sunburst with compass in the middle. Image of a smartphone. with Gathering Logo, gathering website, gathering.umn.edu, October 14 & 15. Steps to downloading the app CrowdCompass Attendee Hub from Google Place or Apple Store. Go to z.umn.edu/gatheringvenue for web browser.
Gathering Agenda

If you are interested in learning more about some of the Person-Centered Practices training being delivered throughout the state, please visit pctp.umn.edu or email personcentered@umn.edu for more information. Trainers are building their schedules for the 2020-2021 year so please check back at pctp.umn.edu for updates.